Stay Close to the Light

I’m constantly around people who are soul searchers, yet in a way still desperate to stay unconscious. This intrigues me, but I get it, because I’ve lived it. The work is hard.

For many years I struggled with anger, which came from my deep search for a meaning for my existence. I was angry at life and my situation, mostly because I felt very disempowered, caged, stuck, and hopeless. It was like I knew where I wanted to be, I could see it, feel it and taste it, yet I had no idea how to get there. My uncertainty and confusion got me nowhere apart from to the end of the tunnel. And I stayed there for many years, until I saw the light.

It would have been much easier for me to stay in my fashion career as a visual stylist getting the job done with my eyes closed, yet with no meaning, no mission, no purpose, but a solid paycheck that gave me security.  Instead, I wanted to do the same thing I feared, to stand before people and speak about waking up, removing the role of playing small, provoking thoughts by talking about the human condition and the deepest shadows of the psyche. I wanted to teach how to live yoga, period.

I’m constantly challenging myself to be a better facilitator, healer and to be of service in the best way I can. For the past few years, I’ve wanted to play the harmonium to compliment my classes, so instead of just wishing, I hired a music teacher. I’m a huge tarot enthusiast and have experienced the power of readings. Instead of wishing I could articulate the meaning of the cards, I signed myself up for a course on decoding the tarot. My voice still shakes to sing, and I’m doing something about that by hiring a voice coach.

I believe if something is a priority in our life, we will somehow create the time for it. And if it’s not, we will make excuses around it. It’s really that simple. The beauty of life is that we can change our situation from dark to light, from an excuse to a priority, from the unconscious to the conscious at any given time. I’m interested in elevating higher and getting freer.

I share all this in the hopes that it may ignite a spark and inspire you to do the very thing you fear.

Keep listening to your heart, and above all, trust that the light is closer than you think, and has always been there waiting patiently for you to wake up.

From my heart to yours,

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