Music Moves Us

Happy New Year!

One of my honey-do-lists nearing the end of last year was to finish a little music project for my classes on oneOeight. In my live classes, I love to incorporate music that moves the body and drums beats to the heart.

You can now listen to curated yoga playlists to many of my classes on oneOeight from my Spotify channel. Each yoga playlist is titled the same as my class on oneOeight, linked below for easy access.

oneOeight – sunriser:

oneOeight – happy hips & heart:

oneOeight – slow flow:

oneOeight – slow your roll:

oneOeight – funk flow:

oneOeight – strap it up:

oneOeight – journey flow:

oneOeight – flow & crow:

How it works:

To play music and a class at the same time, you may need two or more devices. For example, one device, a laptop or computer, to stream the yoga class. A second device, a phone, to stream the playlist. Third, a bluetooth speaker, to synch your phone with music to play music.

This can work with a number of combinations and devices.

At the start of each class, press play on the music playlist, at the first invitation pose, like child’s pose. The music will play through until the end of class.

For future classes, I’ll be sure to keep adding yoga playlists that pair with my classes. As always, all of my weekly live yoga playlists are public if you’d like some tunes for your home practice or workday happy in your ears.

You can search for me on Spotify: Stephanie Birch or my user ID is 125214119.

Music moves us. Happy listening, happy practicing!

With love,

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